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Android is terrific 1982 Science Fiction movie that was written by Don Opper and James Reigle, and directed by Aaron Lipstadt. While this movie may not have had a large budget like the typical Sci-Fi blockbusters, it is still a great movie that is well written with a nice balance of humor, romance and mild villainy. Norbert plays Keller who is one of three escaped convicts aboard a stolen spaceship. They claim mayday and are given permission to board a remote space lab, where they believe they will be safe from the space police. On the lab they meet Max 404, a charming android that was built by Dr. Daniel, the only other inhabitant of the lab. As it turns out, Max is lonely and anxious to have the company of a woman. He welcomes the three onboard and befriends them, mainly because of the woman. He hopes that, among other things, she will be the one to take him to earth, his great desire that Dr. Daniel has denied. I do not want to give away the ending to this film -- you must see it for yourself as it's wonderful. Starring: Don Opper, Norbert Weisser, Klaus Kinski, Brie Howard and Crofton Hardester. I also created an entire website dedicated to this film. More information is at the bottom of this page.
Don Opper as Max 404, Android Norbert Weisser as Keller, Android Norbert Weisser as Keller, Android
Check out the Platinum Remi Award winning website for Android. This website features extensive behind the scenes photos and contributions from the cast and crew, and even has a page dedicated to the wildly eccentric Klaus Kinski who played Dr. Daniel. Android was an Aaron Lipstadt film that was filmed in Roger Corman’s studios.  You can find this website here. You will find: - movie stills - hundreds of screencaps - interviews - poster art - contributions from the producers, director, cast and crew! -Special Feature: “Too Klaus for Comfort” - a page dedicated to Klaus Kinski Android is available on DVD on Amazon
Crofton Hardester as Mendes and Brie Howard as Maggie
Klaus Kinski as Dr. Daniel
Don Opper as Max 404. Don also co-wrote the screenplay for this film.
Check it out!
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