Being Killed
A movie with Norbert has a limited release in Germany. Norbert said that his portion was filmed in Bavaria even though his character is based in the U.S.  This movie is filmed in the tradition of The Blair Witch Project. Norbert was also kind enough to send along an on- location photo from the shoot as well as some stills. Many thanks, as always, Norbert!
My deepest thanks to the CEO of Avalon Entertainment, Volker Maria Arend, for sharing  photos from this film. Mr. Arend is also the Writer, Director and one of the Producers of this  film, and provided this information about the characters and the synopsis. Geoffrey’s Dad (Norbert Weisser): “I want my son to live a proper life. I want him to have children and a wife as I did and I want him to experience the pleasure and the joy I had with doing all that. And I am ready to provide him with all the help he needs, even if it comes to money, which I unfortunately have not enough of, but I will try hard to make his life a success, probably more than my own.
Synopsis, as written by Maria Volker Arend, the writer, producer and director of this film: Nineteen year old Geoffrey, an American Citizen from Woodstock, Connecticut, was sent by his father to the land of great cars, Germany, to learn to be a carmaker. Father and son love each other deeply and Geoffrey is using all his energy trying to fulfil his father's dream about him. Secretly he’s entertaining the thought to change his path and find occupation in the media. But even the beginning in car making went wrong (let alone the media dreams): instead of being welcomed by famous German manufacturers as Mercedes or Porsche, Geoffrey only manages to find a job at a more than unspectacular Toyota garage. As Geoffrey, a passionate internet freak who surfs every night for hours and hours, discovers a TV web-station on Google, offering assignments to work for their company and -- if successful -- work for them continuously, his secretly well-kept lifelong dream seems to materialize. He writes an e-mail. the message is immediately being answered. Geoffrey is welcomed in the team of the station. Three days later also 75 Euros, sent by the station, shows up in his account, as a little help “to cover basic costs." Off goes Geoffrey in his battered Toyota with his girlfriend on the road, following the directions he was also being sent by e-mail: The TV – station asks him for a report of the location he’s heading at. Following those directions, Geoffrey and Lisa drive for hours. More and more the landscape changes. Slowly the last villages seen from both are half an hour away. Some wild animals like deer still to be seen, but no human beings anymore for miles.   The road leads into a small forest. It’s a strange road. Trees seem to connect to kind of a roof over the street and It gets darker in the car and the mood changes. Lisa doesn’t like it. Geoffrey doesn’t care more than that, he is all exited, filming during driving, talking all the time. It gets even darker on the bumpy road and finally, light again. At sundown, they reach a clearing. This is where the description ends and Geoffrey looks around and there is nothing but an old empty, damaged house, doors and windows still intact, but the rest is more or less garbage. Lisa laughs. Well, the TV station was pulling their legs. Geoffrey does film a bit. but it doesn’t make sense at all to stay one minute longer. There is nothing to be seen, let alone something interesting, let alone something worth being filmed. Now it’s really getting dark and they decide to go straight back. But where is the car-key? Looking around they don’t find it, searching around it gets darker. And suddenly it is night. The key is still not found. What to do? Well, why not? The house doesn’t look too inviting but might make a nice home for one night. They decide to stay there. Just one night, than they want to go back immediately. Big mistake. They’ll have a night they’ll never forget. And trust us, it’s going to be a night that also the audience will never forget… And they’re both going to die…       In a remarkable way..
The main cast: Goeffrey, Liza
The Killer
Stills of Norbert as Geoffrey’s Dad, burying his son (these are all pop-up images):
This is a Volker Maria Arend / Avalon Entertainment Film.
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