City Limits
City Limits (1985) is a look at what could happen in the future if most adults were wiped out by a plague and children were left to raise themselves. It turns out they form into gangs in order to protect each other and survive. John Stockwell plays Lee, a young man raised in the country by Albert, an adult who survived the plague. Lee wants nothing more than to go into town to become a member of a well known gang, the Clippers. He rides off on his motorcycle and manages to become one of them. A rival gang, the DAs, are empowered by a company where Norbert's character, Bolo, is helping them gain control by providing them with weapons. The Clippers manage to get the upper hand and do away with the DAs, Bolo and his evil boss.  I apologize that these images are grainy. 
This film was written by Don Opper, Aaron Lipstadt and James Reigle.  Aaron Lipstadt was also the director. The movie also features John Stockwell, Darrell Larson, a small role by James Earl Jones, and a young Kim Catrall. Don Opper also has the role of Sammy in this film. You can find out more about him here at IMDB. This film features a very blonde Norbert Weisser. This movie is available on DVD.
Norbert Weisser as Bolo in City Limits
Don Opper as Sammy and Members of the Clippers Gang.
A very young Morgan Weisser
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