Midnight Express
Midnight Express is a very gritty 1978 Alan Parker film based on the true story of Billy Hayes who was imprisoned in Turkey. Billy is played by the late actor Brad Davis. Norbert plays Erich who is being held in a Turkish prison  for drug possession. He befriends an American man, Billy, who has been caught trying to smuggle drugs out of the country. This film won two Academy Awards and was nominated for numerous others. The film starred the late Brad Davis, the late Sir John Hurt, Irene Miracle, Randy Quaid, and Norbert Weisser. Director: Alan Parker (nominated for Academy Award for Best Director) Ex Producer: Peter Guber Producers: Alan Marshall, David Puttnam
Norbert Weisser, Midnight Express
Official stills from the film
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This film may be nearly 40 years old; however it is still timely and very much relevant today. Billy Hayes has worked tirelessly on a documentary of this film, “Midnight Return” which premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2016. He has also written a books about his ordeal and has written and performs in a one-man show entitled “Riding the Midnight Express”-- a journey of self discovery. This recently was performed at the Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles, and has received rave reviews from around the world. Norbert recently joined Billy when he performed at the Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles:
Norbert Weisser, Irene Miracle, Billy Hayes, Wendy West at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, 2016.
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Screen grabs and official stills from the Academy Award winning film:
A sensational story…intrinsic power…engrossing.” “His sincerity is appealing and his desperate journey is stirring.” – New York Times “Spellbinding…Hayes is a master storyteller.” – Times Square Chronicles
More information about Billy, the books he has written about his ordeal in Turkey and his performances can be found on his website BillyHayes.com.  Tour dates, ticket and booking information is also available.  Be sure to watch the video clips that can be found on his site! While I don’t normally dedicate space on Norbert’s fansite to other actors or writers, Billy and his work is an exception since his story is so closely tied to Norbert’s life and career. Norbert’s breakthrough performance was in this film back in 1978 when we played Erich, who was one of Billy’s closest friends in prison. Many thanks to Billy Hayes for so graciously allowing me to use material from his site.
Director Alan Parker on a recent visit to the set of  Midnight Express in Malta. Photo contributed by Norbert Weisser
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