Miscellaneous Films
Norbert either makes just a brief appearance in these features, or there is limited information on them at this time, so I have all of them grouped together here.
HOCUS POCUS Norbert has the role of Zachary’s father in this 1993 comedy that features Bette Middler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as three Salem witches. The movie begins 300 years ago when the witches take Zachary and turn him into a black cat. His father (Norbert) is asking them to return his son, and has them hanged. They return to present day on Halloween.  This movie is frequently shown on Hallmark Channel and others around Halloween each year. It is also available on DVD.
THE LEARNING CURVE Norbert plays a theater usher in this 2001 crime/thriller. He is only in this film very briefly.
THE THING The Thing is a 1982 John Carpenter cult-classic film that stars Kirk Russell who leads a group of scientists at an outpost on Antarctica (it was actually filmed in Alaska). Norbert appears on a helicopter and begins to shoot at a dog running towards the camp. One of the scientists shoots him in the eye and kills him.  It turns out that the animal is a shape-shifting vicious creature that is a killer -- and able to take many forms.  Norbert only makes a brief appearance in this film.
KEEPING SECRETS Keeping Secrets is a 1991 autobiographical television movie that was written by and stars Suzanne Somers. Norbert has the role of the photographer that was ultimately responsible for her being talked into doing topless photos. Norbert is not credited on IMDb for his appearance, but we are working on getting that fixed... Keeping secrets is not available on DVD or VHS, but I understand it is shown on Lifetime network occasionally.
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