Schindler’s List
Schindler’s List won 7 Academy Awards and dozens of other awards too numerous to mention. Director: Steven Spielberg Ex Producer: Kathleen Kennedy Producers: Branko Lustig, Gerald R. Molen, Steven Spielberg
I have presented this feature mainly from the point of view of Norbert Weisser's role as Albert Hujar. The entire story is not intended to be represented as part of this website, mainly due to space and time constraints; however the movie is highly recommended. Schindler's List is available from Amazon and many other movie sellers. Be sure to watch the special features on the DVD such as Voices from the List -- interviews with people actually saved by Schindler. Also worth watching is the Steven Spielberg featurette on the Shoah Foundation. Their Mission Statement is "To overcome prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry -- and the suffering they cause -- through the educational use of the Institute's visual history testimonies."
The List is an absolute good. The List is Life.            -- Itzhak Stern
Norbert is Albert Hujar in this incredibly significant and powerful 1993 Steven Spielberg movie that stars Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler, Sir Ben Kingsley as Itzhak Stern and Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth.The Jewish woman in these images is an engineer and construction foreman. She is seen telling Goeth that the new structure has a faulty foundation and needs to be torn down and rebuilt. Goeth orders Hujar to execute her for daring to argue with him about it. After she is shot, Goeth orders the structure to be torn down and rebuilt correctly.
When Hujar shoots the female engineer in the head, it was a very poweful scene that was captured in stills and written about in magazines. It was often referred to as “the shot heard around the world...”
Hujar is seen here arriving with Goeth for the liquidation of the Ghetto. The process was to eliminate all those whom they saw as non-essential workers, including children, the elderly, the infirm, or non-skilled workers such as teachers, writers and even businessmen who were displaced because they were no longer allowed to own their own business. A man who escaped the massacre pretends to have been ordered to clear the streets of luggage and debris when he is found by Goth and Hujar. They laugh at him and go on their way.
Hujar forces a hinge maker outside of the fabrication area of the metalworks factory at the Plaszow Forced Labor Camp. The man is going to be executed by Goeth because he hasn't met his quota of hinges for the morning. Goeth does not care that the machine used to make the hinges was down the entire time so it could be calibrated. When Goeth's weapon fails to fire, the man is spared even though he does receive a wicked blow to the back of his head with the handle of Goeth's weapon.  He later becomes one of the men saved by Schindler.
A crazed Hujar is shooting his weapon into an enormous pile of burning bodies. Goeth had been ordered to exhume the bodies of over 10,000 Jewish people that had died at the camp and to have them burned since the camp was due to be closed within a few weeks, and the prisoners sent to Auschwitz. He was supposed to destroy all evidence of the heinous war crimes committed at the camp.
Official still photo from the film. Thanks to Norbert Weisser for sending this.
A bored Hujar sits with the attack dog along with his fellow offiecers. The German officers suffer through the heat as they wait for the train of prisoners to depart the train depot. Schindler arrived just in time to save Stern who had been rounded up by mistake. He and the others become amused when Schindler orders the fire hoses to be turned on the railroad cars. They are slow to catch on that Schindler is offering them water, not torturing them by spraying water on them.
Official stills from the film. Norbert is seen with Ralph Finnes, Steven Spielberg and various members of the cast and crew.
Additional reading should include Schindler's Legacy, by Elinor J. Brecher.  This book was recommended to me by a gracious and beautiful lady, Celina Biniaz, who was a young girl when she was saved by Oskar Schindler. Her story was so touching that I wrote to her a few years ago after watching her on the DVD special feature. The story of her family and many others saved by Schindler, are chronicled in this special book. And she is keeping the history and her legacy alive. Celina also told me a few years ago that she had just returned from a wonderful trip. She had traveled with her son and his family to visit Poland so they could see where her mother had lived and attended school. It was a similar trip that she had taken her granddaughter a few years ago. Personally, I am not sure that I would have the courage to travel back to a place where I had endured such unspeakable hardships, but Celina is truly a remarkable woman, whose life philosophy is that there should be no hate or animosity amongst any of us. Powerful words and standards for us all to live our lives by.
Albert Hujar was a staff non-commissioned officer in the Waffen-SS who served in the Concentration Camp service. Hujar was posted to the labor camp at Plaszow and, from 1943 to 1944, served as NCO- adjutant to Amon Goeth. Albert Hujar was immortalized in this film where his character is portrayed coldly executing a Jewish woman in response to the order "Unterscharfuher ... shoot her." The incident was based on an actual summary execution which Hujar committed in 1943. According to another account, Hujar is also reported to have shot several patients and staff, including a doctor, at the Jewish hospital during the Ghetto liquidation. Goeth and Hujar were later hung for crimes against humanity. 
Liam Neeson as Oscar Schindler and Sir Ben Kingsley as Itsak Stern.
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