Secret of the Ice Cave
Norbert was Dr. Victor Talbot in this lighthearted 1989 movie that featured Sally Kellerman as Dr. Valerie Ostrow and David Mendenhall as her son, Alex Ostrow. At first blush it appeared as if Victor might actually be a good guy in this movie, but it wasn't long before his true nature was revealed. Norbert was another villain who was actually more dangerous to himself than anyone else. He and Valerie worked in Chile at a pharmaceutical research facility funded by Valerie's fiance. Valerie was not aware that this facility was actually nothing more than a good cover for their drug operation, and they were using her as a front because of her credibility as a legitimate research entomologist. As predicted, the bad guys are brought to justice before they can do any real harm to anyone, and everything ends happily.
Norbert on the set of Secret of the Ice Cave
This movie is not available on DVD, however there are VHS copies available from third party vendors on Amazon. Director: Radu Gabrea Ex Producers:  Yoram Globus, Christopher Pearce Producer: Radu Gabrea
Norbert Weisser
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