Norbert Weissr, Sweet Lies Norbert Weissr, Sweet Lies
Sweet Lies
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Sweet Lies is not available on DVD, however, there are a few VHS tapes to be found here and there through third party vendors such as on Amazon. Director: Chris Blackwell Producer: Serge Touboul
Norbert plays Bill, a man committing insurance fraud, in this 1988 comedy that stars Treat Williams as Peter Nichol, an insurance claims investigator out to prove that Bill actually has the use of his legs. Every time Peter catches Bill out of his wheelchair, something happens to block the photo opportunity, or the film gets destroyed. Eventually Peter is able to obtain the photos he needs to prove Bill is a phony.
Norbert Weisser, Sweet Lies
When he realizes he is being watched by a Private Detective, Bill scrambles back to his wheelchair...
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