The Radicals
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Many people have commented on the touching love story between Michael and Margaretha, and how well it is portrayed in this movie. Their scenes are particularly poignant in this film and have a very genuine, warm and natural feel to them, bringing forth an incredible extra dimension in this moving story.
Two very powerful stories are woven together in the 1990 film The Radicals, directed by Raul Carrera. It is the biographical account of Michael Sattler who founded the Anabaptist movement around 1525. The other story, one that is just as apparent, is the story of the absolute love and devotion that Michael and Margaretha Sattler had for each other. The movie begins by reminding viewers that by 1525 the Roman Catholics had united Europe for over 1000 years and their authority was under attack. Reformation had split Europe into two worlds -- Catholic and Protestant. Peasants were rebelling against heavy taxes, and Turkish invaders threatened to overrun Europe.
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This film covers a very brief period in the lives of spiritual martyrs Michael Sattler, portrayed by Norbert Weisser, and Margaretha, the beautiful Leigh Lombardi. They broke away from their religious order, were married and then began a quest to return the church to the morality of its early years through an Anabaptist movement that only believed in adult baptism by choice. However, to the Catholic church, a child unbaptised was a child untaxed, which was unacceptable to them. The Anabaptist efforts resulted in a movement the medieval world wasn't prepared to accept and stood ready to terminate -- by any means necessary.
After battling the Catholic church and continuing to spread the word of the Anabaptist Movement, Michael is found guilty of heresy and treason and is burned alive at the stake. Margaretha is drowned in a nearby river.  Their message could not be silenced, and their faith lives on throughout branches of the Mennonites, Baptists and others. Please enjoy the full presentation of this important film by visiting the website linked above. Full credits and acknowledgements are listed there. You will also find actor, cast and crew contributed anecdotes and photos, along with links to print publications related to this film. The Radicals Movie website is a Platinum Remi Award winner at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival.
Michael leaves the Catholic Church and runs away with Margaretha who leaves her order so they can be married. The Anabaptitst are forced to move from place to place and spread their message from barns and caves to avoid detection. There are spies everywhere. Eventually they are found and many of them are put up on trial, imprisoned and put to death.
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