Walker is just one of the many films that Ed Harris has either produced, directed or written, not to mention appeared in. This movie is available on DVD, and comes with a booklet that includes photos, dairy entries by  Ed Harris, and lots of other trivia. Director: Alex Cox Ex Producer: Edward R. Pressman Producers: Angel Flores Marini, Lorenzo O’Brien
Walker is set during 1855 when William Walker, an eccentric and egotistical American filibuster from Tennessee, was sent to Central America by Cornelius Vanderbilt. The film is a 1987 satirical biopic that breaks away from all traditional conventions.
The movie has many intentional anachronisms such as Coca-Cola bottles, the name of film maker "Sam Peckinpah" on a grave marker, a helicopter in a final sequence, modern cars and magazines printed in full color. These are artistic choices by Director Alex Cox, although these touches were not very well received by the critics. The film is also a very bloody parable to protest the Reagan support of the contra war against the Sandinista government in the 1980's.
Vanderbilt thought Nicaragua was the perfect location to build a canal from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans for his ships as a way to cut costly travel time. He sent Walker to take control of Nicaragua during the time of revolution there, so that an economical passage could be built with little effort, expense -- or resistance. Walker handily defeated any enemies in his path with the help of his band of men, The Immortals, and declared himself President of Nicaragua in 1956.
Deutsche Club Founding Members Matagalpa, Nicarauga
William Walker A memorial in front of William Walker home in Tennessee
Walker later betrayed Vanderbilt when he went behind his back with two of his own men. Vanderbilt is quoted as saying, "Gentlemen, you have betrayed me. I won't sue. The law is too slow. I'll ruin you." Vanderbilt was a ruthless businessman who was said to have few friends but many enemies.
Walker cast members include Ed Harris as William Walker, Marlee Martin as Ellen Martin, Walker's fiance who died during the 1849 cholera epidemic, Peter Boyle as the larger then life Cornelius Vanderbilt, and Richard Masur as Ephraim Squire, an editor and politician that was an associate of Vanderbilt's.
Walker was executed in British Honduras when he traveled there in 1860. The British saw Walker as a threat and turned him over to the Honduras government. They executed him by firing squad. He was 36 years old.
In this movie, Norbert plays Prange, a German soldier, in a supporting role to Ed Harris as William Walker. He is part of a group that comes to offer support to Walker in his conquest of Nicaragua, and joins forces with his band of Immortals. Prange ends up getting killed in a bloody, chaotic battle towards the end of the movie as Walker orders the capital city where he is living to be burned to the ground.
Many German and other European settlers went to Nicaragua during the mid to late 1800's, along with some members of the German military. There was even a very exclusive club for German businessmen, the Deutsche Club as pictured here. This club was comprised of German immigrants who became wealthy ranchers, bankers, newspapermen and hotel owners, as well as plantation owners with vast holdings of coffee and sugar crops.
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